Chief Information Officer, Tex Mex Recycling


Skylar Stoleson has as many layers as the company he works for. When you’re the Chief Information Officer of Tex Mex Recycling, the vast amount of information that flows through your brain is mind-boggling. The company deals with the destruction of government agency electronics such as the Border Patrol, Homeland Security and U.S. Marshall’s from Corpus Christi south.

“We have a 48 bay eraser and then we’ll shred the hard drives,” Stoleson said. “It’s all to government standards.”

That’s just the icing on the cake. The variety of plastics Tex Mex Recyling and its sister Mexican company Tecnologias de Plastico recycle is beyond comprehension. Each plastic with its fillers of glass or talc, each color of plastic, each percentage of ingredients per plastic, and the different heat retention ingredients all make the recycling of the extensive array of plastics a complex affair.

Then there are the metals they re-purpose.

“Our intent is to make sure the materials get processed correctly,” said Stoleson. “Our whole point is to put those waste materials back into the process stream so they don’t go into landfills. We help these companies achieve their Zero Landfill initiatives.”

Over 10 years old, the company’s goal is to produce material equivalent to prime material in order to entice customers to buy it as a top grade quality.

Using his Bachelors of Computer Science isn’t quite enough. He continues to grow and learn.

“You don’t learn all this in school,” he said. “With all the new gadgets and gizmos out there, just being in the field as all this is developed, you develop your processes and procedures. It’s a great industry. There’s something new every day. It’s not mundane. It’s not boring.”

Stoleson’s life is layered in work and out. He and his wife are parents of a seven year old, and he is also lead singer for the metal band Destructive Cell.

He truly believes in the old adage, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”