People You Should Know – Veronica Whitacre, Comfort House Services

DSC04022-EditNestled in a quiet neighborhood in the middle of McAllen is a wondrous place where God’s love is felt in abundance. Comfort House is a 10-bed Palliative Care Facility established by Sister Marian Strohmeyer as a ministry to the dying in 1989.

“Sister Strohmeyer’s mission was to run Comfort House on God’s blessings, which meant by monetary donations alone,” said McAllen City Commissioner and new Administrator Veronica Whitacre.

That is exactly what has happened with this facility for those in need of a quiet place to let go of life.
Fundraisers are a part of what makes it possible – the February Walkathon, May’s Pretty in Pearl Luncheon & Styleshow, September’s Poker Tournament, November’s evening dinner, and the upcoming July 16th event, Summer Barbeque and Market Days are all organized to support Comfort House. Otherwise it’s the community that lends its support, along with United Way Services, foundations, and donors.

“I’ve been here over five months,” said Whitacre. “Some days are rough, but there’s a blessing every single day. Someone walks in the door with something – detergent, a check, food, blankets, prayer shawls, or a cross. Volunteers give about 485 hours of their time a month,” she said. “The Winter Texans are an amazing help for us. Our community is so giving. I cannot thank them enough. Every single day someone remembers we are here.”

Making the choice to join Comfort House has changed Whitacre’s life.  “I chose the position with no added benefits, but it’s where I’ve been the happiest,” she said.

Carrying on the work of Sister Strohmeyer, the staff of 12 observes the miracles that happen in this humble abode. “We have quite a few occurrences where people have come here to pass, get better and go home,” she said.

Whitacre doesn’t let an opportunity pass to help her beloved Comfort House.  “Here,” she said, handing me a sheet of paper. “Take this Wish List back to your church. If they want to help, we’re ready for them.” Whitacre is motivated to keep Comfort House thriving and helping the community through her passion.
Find the Comfort House Wish List at