Sally Fraustro Guerra

If you don’t know Sally Fraustro Guerra, you are missing out on someone who always sees the best in people and situations and someone who knows how to connect with a wide range of people. Sally has been involved with the Chamber for 25 years. She is a person who has a passion for her businesses and her charitable efforts. Sally is a “go-getter.”

We all want good things to happen. Sally understands the “Slinky Effect.” We all remember the childhood toy, the Slinky, the wired metal wrapped in a cylinder, that when you would set in motion down a staircase, it would fall and fall over itself down the stairs. Sally knows working and spending time investing in people will pay off; maybe just not immediately. 

Just like the Slinky, the efforts Sally makes create the energy, and the results follow. Sometimes things happen slowly, and Sally understands, better than most, the law of the harvest. She is relentless and focused on her work habits, instead of expecting instant results. The success she is experiencing today is because of all the hard work she has put in over the last 25 years. 

Sally also understands the law of diminishing intent. We know every year we will make New Year’s resolutions and most of us will not keep them past a few weeks. This is an example of the law of diminishing intent. Our intentions are fickle and fleeting, and to be successful, we must renew the commitment every day and every day that follows. Success then becomes a habit of renewing commitments every day. Sally has that core belief, and believes people are held back because of three key things: 

Fear and fear of failing. It is easier not to try to pursue a dream than to put the work in to make something happen and still come up short. We get caught up in what other people think of us, and we allow that fear to stop us from taking risks and pushing beyond our comfort zones. Sally has blown past her fear of failing. Sally will tell you she has failed a thousand times, but she keeps pushing on. 

I shouldn’t have to do this. We all get to this point; that doing the little things should be done by someone else. We want someone else to work long hours. We want someone else to solve our problems. We want someone else to do all the little things. Sally understands that making the calls and taking care of the little things will make bigger things happen.

I am not going to try if it is not perfect. Perfectionism kills efforts and destroys self-esteem. When we constantly think we never measure up, we stop working and making an effort. Sally is willing to do things and move things forward, even if they are not perfect. Action is more important than perfection. 

Finally, Sally is a “connector,” and she takes great pleasure and pride in bringing people together. Some people don’t get it when Sally invites them to an event or dinner. Many times, they ask, “Why did she invite me?” Sally invites people because she wants to connect people. So next time, if Sally invites you to dinner; go, and know there is someone she wants you to meet. Then it will be your turn to see the best in people and situations and be your own “connector.”