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1) What item would you not travel without? My cellphone. That’s my lifeline to everything, especially if my kids aren’t with me.

2) What is your greatest passion? That would be my children and now, my grandbaby. 

3) Who is a person you admire the most? Why? My mother, because since I was very young, I always saw her working, taking care of all five of us kids. She was very protective of her kids, very hands-on, domineering, and a strong person. At 88 she still looks amazing and is full of life, very healthy. She’s funny, sassy, witty, and gives the best advice. All five of us are still trying to please her and make her proud.

4) Where do you go for your favorite meal? It would be very hard to pick one because the McAllen area has an amazing variety of restaurants from casual to fine dining. I simply have too many favorites.

5) Who or what has been the main influence in your life/career? First and foremost, would be my immediate family, my mom and four older brothers and sisters. One of my biggest influences would be the late Mike Allen. I met him almost 30 years ago when I was in my early 20s. The minute I met Mike, little did I know when we shook hands he was going to impact the rest of my life. He asked me to go work for him at MEDC. One thing led to another and my career transformed from wanting to go into education to entering the maquiladora industry, then real estate. Along the way I had other mentors such as Keith Patridge, Alonzo Cantu, and of course, David Guerra.

6) What do you see on your horizon in seven years? Because I took a new venture in life which is SOCIALIFE Magazine, besides my real estate business, my workload has tripled. That is besides my community involvement with non-profit organizations, including being gala chair for four events this year. In seven years, I hope half that load will be gone, and I’ll be able to enjoy life by traveling more with my husband and kids.

7) What do you do for fun? Attend all the galas! That’s my fun right now.

8) What do you do to exercise? I’ve never been one to go to the gym, even my own gym at the house. Instead, I walk down the walking trail on 2nd Street.  I enjoy it even more now because I take my grandbaby out walking. I walk three or four times a week for an hour.

9) Where would you most like to travel? That would be Europe, of course. Especially Spain and Italy. 

10) Do you have a favorite style in clothes? It has to be red or with a pop of red. I consider myself a conservative dresser but I do always have a pop of red. Definitely bright colors.

11) What’s your favorite car? I love my red Tahoe and I’m ready for a new one.

12) A favorite song? Anything that my favorite crooner, Michael Bublé, sings is my favorite song. But my top favorite is Fly Me to the Moon because it’s what was playing when David proposed to me on Christmas Eve at & bistro.

13) Are there any rules you follow for success? I do my best to follow Mary Kay’s proper perspectives:

God first

Family second

Career third

14) What’s your shoe size? 8 ½

15) Who are two people you would like to dine with? If he was alive today, I would say my dad because he died too soon at 58 years old when I was just 21. The other would be Thomas Edison. I think it would be fascinating talking to America’s greatest inventor who never gave up. I love this quote. “I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Thomas Edison. 

16) If you could would you change anything about your life? No. I have no regrets.

17) What is your favorite thing to cook? My favorite thing to cook is Thanksgiving Dinner. I really get into it.

If you are looking for someone passionate about McAllen or the Valley, look no further than Sally Fraustro-Guerra, Coldwell Banker La Mansion real estate broker and SOCIALIFE Magazine’s president/publisher. 

Putting her heart and soul into her life here in the Valley, her warm sense of humor and ability to laugh at herself gives her an endearing quality. Her story is captivating.

“I’ve had a very diverse career – moving from working at the MEDC to going into marketing and sales with FINSA Industrial Park Development company, which has over 20 state-of-the-art industrial parks throughout all of Mexico with tenants such as General Motors,” Fraustro-Guerra said.

From there she became a marketing manager for Corrigan US Custom Brokerage firm.  She was then recruited by Eagle Global Logistics, owned by Jim Crane who now owns the Houston Astros and is still her friend.

It was there she became aware of the families moving to the area to work at the maquiladoras and the culture shock they were going through.

“I felt they needed special attention and after talking to my mentors, Mike Allen and Keith Patridge, I made the transition over 20 years ago into the real estate industry and am so happy I did,” she said. 

Today Fraustro-Guerra continues her work with families transitioning to the area. 

“That’s also why I bought the magazine,” she said. “I’m extremely passionate about my community and feel blessed for my success. I wanted to give back by being involved with the community and to make a difference and use this magazine to showcase what a beautiful place we live in, that we have a lot to offer.”

Besides becoming the new Chairman of the Board for the McAllen Chamber of Commerce, somehow Fraustro-Guerra manages to run her two businesses, chair four galas, serve on numerous boards, and spend quality time with her family. 

Indeed, it could be said Sally Fraustro-Guerra has taken on the whole Valley to make it home to transplants from around the world, doing her part and giving back every which way she can.