Six Things to Do to Create Change and Opportunity

How does a person create change and new opportunities?

Most business people are consumed with just taking care of their customers, inventory, equipment, employees, bills, taxes – and the list goes on. They hardly have a chance to think about new opportunities or innovation.

The challenge for “flat and thin” organizations is: “How do you do all the things that have to get done for your business and still create and bring about change to make your organization or business successful?”

Some experts believe some people are “hardwired” to create and see opportunities that other people don’t see. Still, other experts believe you can train yourself to see new opportunities.

I think it is a combination.

Part of that ability to see new opportunities or to create new opportunities can be built into the culture of a business or organization. Here are six suggestions to create change and opportunity:

1. Look around. Looking at and studying what is happening in other industries is important. Trends that are happening in one industry can have direct and indirect implications for your business. Social media is changing the way businesses promote, market, and advertise. Watching what other industries are doing and finding ideas that can be “cannibalized” to fit your business is a great start.

2. Take time. The business world moves fast with the demand for instant decisions and quick actions. To see opportunities and to create new markets requires disciplined thinking, thoughts, and study. Slowing down and letting information soak-in can help you develop a clearer picture.

3. Be motivated. Change is never easy. Innovation is never easy. Understanding the long game and being motivated to sustain success is key for a leader. There are going to be twists, turns, and setbacks, but a leader’s motivation and enthusiasm for change and creating opportunities is important.

4. Start over. Many times a business will start down a path and the results don’t happen. The outcomes do not materialize. A key to creating change and opportunity is the willingness to start over or to hit the reboot button. It is hard, and it can try a business owner’s nerves, but the successful business or organization is willing to do it as many times as it takes to find the right path.

5. Take risks. Change and opportunities will not come without risk taking. I wish risks were not part of the equation for success, but it is. Some risks are big and bold, and others are incremental, but it is all risk. The successful business has adopted a culture of risk-taking in both small and big ways. In the successful business, risk-taking and failure are part of the organization ethos.

6. Be a connector. The era of the Lone Ranger is over. A business’s success cannot happen by itself. In the 21st Century, there are so many different elements that have to come together for change and opportunity to happen. A successful business connects with a wide range of other businesses and people. The business leader is working those connections and working to make new ones.

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