Some Words of Encouragement

The economic and political climate today can cause a person to stop and wonder: “What is going on?” Uncertainty and a sense of chaos can be destabilizing, at so many different levels, for a person. Psychologists have found that when a person believes things or situations are out of a person’s control, there is increased stress, anxiety, angst, worry and all the other symptoms that come with uncertainty.

Here are some words of encouragement.

One of my favorite quotes is, “Don’t tell me worrying doesn’t work, 90% of the stuff I worry about never happens.” Our community and our region are primed to achieve unprecedented growth and opportunity. We have so many good things working in our favor, but we sometimes overlook them because of all the negative rhetoric coming out of Washington and Austin. So here are a few facts that I hope you will find encouraging:

  • The median age is 29 for our region. Our population under 25 is 582,938. Think about all the major purchases ahead for this age demographic – cars, homes, furniture, kids, school and the list go on.
  • 86,000 people in our three-county area are pursuing some form of higher education at community colleges, UTRGV or for-profit education institutions. We have a demographic bubbles that is growing and expanding and that means we have a growing talent pool.
  • Healthcare, the medical school and the investments being made in healthcare services are putting us in a very competitive position with every other major region and population center in the United States.
  • Entertainment options are growing and expanding. Just look at the NBA G League and Major League Soccer development league, the McAllen Performing Arts Center and Broadway Series, the State Farm Arena, the Bert Ogden Arena (soon to open), H-E-B Soccer Stadium, the McAllen’s soccer complex and soon to open baseball complex. We also have a growing and thriving live-music scene, nature and birding centers and the numerous hike and bike trails. All of these elements are lifting the quality of place for our community and the region. Also, we have the McAllen Christmas Parade and numerous other festivals that are beginning to attract people from other parts of the state to our area.
  • We have the lowest cost of living in the United States, and have had for several years. The low cost of living means your dollar goes further and buys more. It also means buying a home is not out of reach for the average family.
  • We live in an area rich in culture and things that are unique, genuine and not found anyplace else. We overlook what makes us special.
  • We have people who are “tough as nails” and filled with grit and can take the smallest opportunity and grow it into something big. Our attitudes and abilities are our biggest competitive advantage. The people here should never be underestimated. We have people who are more accustomed to dealing with a wide variety of people, faiths, and backgrounds and are not threatened by different thoughts, ideas or change.

Where do you want to live? In a place that has already achieved success or a place where exciting opportunities are going to happen? In a place where people see the best is yet to come or someplace already past its glory days? My bet is here. McAllen and South Texas are where all the cool things are going to be happening. Just some words of encouragement.