Spreading the Word: McAllen Business and City Leaders Help to Promote McAllen in Mexico City

The #SeeYouInMcAllen marketing campaign has been a remarkably orchestrated initiative that has further increased the visibility of the City of McAllen across multiple regions including the South Texas Triangle – which stretches from Laredo to Corpus Christi and back down to McAllen – as well as Northern Mexico and our own amazing Rio Grande Valley.

But our sights have been set even higher.

That’s why representatives from the City of McAllen, La Plaza Mall, the McAllen Chamber of Commerce’s Convention & Visitors Bureau, and the McAllen-Miller International Airport all joined together in Mexico City to promote the excellent international destination that is McAllen.

This McAllen group was supported by a number of Mexican businesses and organizations, including generous backing from Aeromar Airlines, which offers a direct flight to McAllen from Mexico City –  the only international destination of its kind.

McAllen is Happening

Known as McAllen Day, the event was held at the luxurious W Hotel and offered Mexico City a glimpse of what McAllen is all about.

The largest event of its type held thus far, Amigos Always campaign was in full force, with the convention including a reception ceremony, media and press conference sessions, an exposition with door prizes, giveaways, and dozens of booths representing various McAllen organizations and businesses including but not limited to:

  • IBC Bank
  • de Shopping Magazine
  • Castle Hospitality
  • Drury Inn
  • Smart iStay
  • Doubletree
  • Oceangate
  • The City of McAllen Parks & Recreation Department
  • The City of McAllen Transit Department
  • The McAllen Performing Arts Center

The icing on the cake was a fashion show presented by La Plaza Mall!

Despite rainy weather conditions, hundreds of visitors from throughout the capital metro area attended McAllen Day, including 50 Mexican media representatives who came to capture all the energy and excitement of the day. There were also a number Mexican Public Relations firms, as well representatives from Texas’ Public Relations firm and business development companies from the state.

McAllen Day also provided business and city leaders the perfect opportunity to showcase some of McAllen’s amazing amenities to representatives from PriceTravel Holding – the largest online travel agency in Mexico.

The Outcome of McAllen Day

McAllen Day provided the city and businesses a great entryway into the Mexico City market. While our region had a bit of a reputation in the Mexican capital, the convention was an ideal catalyst to really open up doors and expand McAllen’s relationship with the city

Businesses were able to make plenty of contacts and inroads, which helped them to gauge the market so they could develop effective marketing strategies to better target their audiences and potential clients.

Monica A. Vega from Ocean Gate Hospitality noted that the “trip [was] incredibly beneficial. It gave us the opportunity to develop a relationship with agents who are directly involved in travel to the McAllen area.”

Growing and Continuing the Positive Trends

While events such as McAllen Day enable city leaders and businesses the opportunity to shine the spotlight on our beloved city, it is essential to remember that these single day events and events are only meant to supplement Amigos Always and our other marketing initiatives.

It is all of our responsibility to encourage partnership, innovation, and cross communal relationships with our neighbors to the south in our daily interactions. The growth that we are pushing for will not occur merely because of one thing but as a culmination of all the efforts we have made and partnerships we have built.

Continue to be friendly, welcoming, and hopeful. Together we are making the change we need.

Your partners and collaborators at the McAllen Chamber of Commerce, the City of McAllen, and McAllen Economic Development Corporation would also like to remind you please help us to continue telling this fantastic and captivating story:

  1. Take an active role on social media.
  2. Like, comment, and share “See You in McAllen” posts and tweets.
  3. Use #SeeYouInMcAllen on your own business posts and tweets.
  4. Pick up “Amigos Always” signage and point of sale brochures at the Chamber.
  5. Give your employees “Amigos Always” pins to wear at point-of-sale.
  6. Continue to deliver the warm welcomes and outstanding customer experiences our visitors (and locals) have always counted on when they come to McAllen!

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