Tech Upgrades Mean Blazing Internet Speeds at Incubator & TechSpace

In the Rio Grande Valley, coworking spaces have become a vital component of the local business landscape. Being able to share ideas, physical space, and creativity with like-minded and passionate individuals in a collaborative environment is fantastic for established businesses and startup companies alike.

However, with more people come more devices, and the sheer amount of devices and technology connected to a single source can consume enormous amounts of bandwidth.

But luckily for your business, there’s the McAllen Creative Incubator and TechPlace coworking space.

As the McAllen Creative Incubator and TechSpace recently added more room for coworking, it was also the perfect time to perform a tech upgrade to the network and add extra capacity. Now, the McAllen Creative Incubator and TechPlace sport a blazingly fast 1GB per second connection to the Internet! This means that Wi-Fi speeds in the Incubator are faster than almost anything around!

This boost to the Wi-Fi speeds has been a great tool for tenants like Ranvu, Frontera, and Cobalt Digital Marketing, among others, as it allows these tech-heavy companies to download and upload files at racing speeds. Whether it’s working on photos, video, multi-media files, or the latest social media post for your company, this Internet speed increase definitely adds tremendous value to any McAllen Creative Incubator membership!

Along with the capacity upgrade, there have also been improvements made to the technology that connects devices to the Internet. Now, tenants can enjoy the full support of the latest 802.11 AC Wave 2 equipment. Wi-Fi speeds are flying, especially for users on the latest mobile device, laptop, or tablet!

Come by the McAllen Creative Incubator today at 601 N. Main Street and see how we can kick your business into high speed!