The Law of the Harvest

The Law of the Harvest is the principle that states that you grow and reap where you focus your attention and efforts. We discuss with new chamber members how the Law of the Harvest is key to their membership.

Small business owners are managers, HR specialists, customer service reps, finance gurus, chief strategists, marketers, and janitors; they do it all. The challenge for small business owners, with so many things on their plates, is how to grow their business. If a small business does not invest the time and effort to grow their economic pie and business model, they will wake up one day and there will be no business.

The McAllen Chamber of Commerce helps solve one of the most fundamental questions for a small business, “How do I effectively and efficiently grow my business?” This question can be answered by being a part of the McAllen Chamber of Commerce and strategically using and taking advantage of several key things the Chamber has to offer.  Here is the rub, it does not happen unless you understand the Law of the Harvest.

Here are the four key principles of the Law of the Harvest:

  1. We reap what we plant. If a business wants to provide good customer service, but does not focus on customer service, they will not provide excellent customer service. If a business wants to grow sales, but does nothing to connect with new customers or fails to properly market, there will be no growth. The McAllen Chamber offers a variety of ways to connect a business with opportunities that will help them grow. Planting with the Chamber brings growth.
  2. We reap more than we sow. What do your customers say about you? How do you want to be perceived in the community? Is it essential for your business to be seen as engaged and giving back to a community? Or do you just sit on the sidelines and watch others lead and have an impact? The McAllen Chamber offers so many opportunities to engage in important issues and to give back to our community. A corporate culture of being engaged in the community is important to growing and succeeding.
  3. It takes time to reap what you sow. It seems we have become a culture of instant gratification. Everybody wants results immediately, but it doesn’t happen that way. Investment of time and effort over the months and years, not days, brings results. Involvement in the McAllen Chamber of Commerce gives you an opportunity to build long-term, growing relationships that will benefit your business, over time. The businesses benefiting most from their Chamber memberships are the ones who are doing it year-after-year. There are no shortcuts to long-term impact and growth.
  4. The quality of the harvest depends on the quality of the soil. Where are you investing your time and focus? Time, for a small business, is a precious commodity. A business may do and say all the right things, but it may be spending its time with the wrong market or customer. The McAllen Chamber of Commerce provides abundant opportunities to focus and spend time with key customers and groups through a variety of events, programs, and marketing.

No seed time, no harvest time. Your investment in the McAllen Chamber of Commerce produces a harvest. You want to grow your business. You want to impact and give back to the community that has been a critical part of your success. Success in business takes time and investment. An investment in the McAllen Chamber of Commerce is about the “The Law of the Harvest.”