The McAllen Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors (Part I)

The new fiscal year for the McAllen Chamber of Commerce started October 1, and I am excited about all the new things the Chamber will be doing this coming year.

One of the essential touchstones for the Chamber’s success is the board of directors. These businessmen and businesswomen make such a huge difference in our success and bring the intangible, or “X” factor, to the table.

The board has the ability to commit to, and see the possibilities for, the future and the role the McAllen Chamber can play in the business community. Listed here are the people who are driving the Chamber’s success:

Sally Fraustro-Guerra – Board chair and “connector”. Sally knows everyone and has stepped up, time and time again, in making things happen at/for the Chamber. She is always positive and willing to do whatever it takes for this organization to be successful.

Bob Boggus – Chair-elect and strong advocate for the business community. Bob was one of the first to sign on for MXLAN when we were developing the idea. He has been a steadfast supporter of the Chamber and has been willing to give at critical moments to ensure success.

Nora Shah – Vice-chair with an excellent understanding of the dynamics between the RGV and Mexico. Nora took on the title sponsorship for MXLAN and made a huge difference in getting the event off the ground. Nora always sees the bright side of any situation, as well as its inner opportunities.

Annette Franz – Vice-chair and a big believer in McAllen. Annette is always so positive and sees the human side of issues and opportunities. Every time we have asked her to do something or take charge, her answer is always, “Yes.” She is a faithful servant leader.

Art Ortega – Treasurer, local bank owner, and entrepreneur. Art just launched his bank and yet has found time to be this year’s treasurer. Art always reminds me of the importance of working together, as opposed to going at it alone.

Larry Delgado – Past Chair and resident “foodie” and “chef”. Larry is steady and unflappable and brings a quiet perspective to getting things done. Larry knows how to make a food experience the best it can be, and he understands what it takes to make any event special.

Dr. J. Gonzalez – Superintendent for McAllen ISD. J understands the role the school district plays in the success of the community and has always been open to suggestions and ideas from the business community. He knows McAllen ISD and McAllen, having spent almost his entire career in this community.

Rick Guerra – Rick has been Chairman of the Chamber twice and has been an important leader in McAllen for decades. He has been involved and done everything. He gives and gives and gives because his bottom line is that he wants to see McAllen be successful.

Joseph Habbouche – Great attorney with sound legal advice. Joseph has provided great insight to the Chamber for the last two years. When Joseph commits to something, he shows up and is ready to work. He is active with our startups and entrepreneurs.

David Hernandez – David is a long-time businessperson and brings a small business perspective to the table. He understands the importance of small independent businesses and also competing against big corporations.

Next week in Part II, I will profile the rest of the board.