The Top 5 Small Business Winners

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Every year, the McAllen Chamber honors the Top 5 Small businesses in McAllen. Small businesses are driving our economy and continue to play a vital role in the success of our community. The business experts tell us that small businesses create and sustain more jobs than big corporations. The best vital statistic for a community is the number of new small businesses being started. The second vital statistic is the growth of small businesses.

McAllen is blessed with wonderful small businessses. They play such a critical role in McAllen. Small businesses also carry 2% of the total tax burden in Texas (Texas is a high property tax and fees state). The other critical role small businesses play, beyond the jobs and opportunities they bring to a community, is the role they play in giving back to the community.

McAllen’s small businesses are the first to step up and donate to our local charities and provide sponsorships. We are blessed with so many great small businesses. This year, Burton McCumber and Cortez (BMC) CPA Firm has taken on the tittle role of sponsors for this award and it is reflective of BMC’s commitment to the small business community.

Here are the Top 5 Winners for 2017:

Lone Star BBQ. One of my favorite places to eat, Lone Star BBQ was established in 1988 and has had consistent employment of 30 people and growth of 2-3% every year. Lone Star BBQ is active in helping local non-profits in fundraising efforts and feeding the homeless. If you have never tried their BBQ, stop by and experience some great BQ.

Deustch and Deutsch. Their store was established in McAllen in 1992 and provides high quality gifts and jewelry. They have 17 employees and are active in IMAS, Friends for Hope, Boys and Girls Club, several religious charities, and numerous cancer and school charities. Deutsch and Deutsch steps up, repeatedly, in helping and giving back to the community. They continue to see annual sales increases between 30-40%.

Best Medical Supply. This business was started in 1996 and has seven employees. They specialize in medical instruments, cardiology equipment, surgical laser equipment, and the list goes on. Best Medical Supply continues to see strong annual sales growth and is positioned for continued growth in the health care industry in the region. They have given to local clinics and organizations that provide free medical equipment to people who cannot afford the equipment.

D&M Cleaners. The company was established in 1958 and has 20 employees. Marty Moore is the owner and is active in numerous organizations, such as Vanguard Academy, Pregnancy Resource Center, Tim’s Coats, and other charities involving clothing drives and events. If you don’t know Marty, he is hard to miss in a crowd because he will be one of the first to come up and talk to you about an observation he has about the world.

The Valley Wedding Pages. This business was started in 2003and has eight employees. They have seen over a 10% increase in sales over the last three years. Letty Cantu has been involved in the All About Women events, Unite to Ignite, Project Runway and Catholic Charities. Letty can put an event together that exceeds a customer’s expectations.

Great Small Businesses! See you in McAllen!

As Featured in the Monitor October 1st, 2017