Three Things to Consider as You Lead

As business leaders, it is more critical today for leadership in your business or organization than ever before. There have been so many changes and pivots in the local markets over the last ten months that many businesses don’t know what to do or where to look. And that is where business leaders can step forward to lead and make a difference. Everything has shifted rapidly in the last ten months, and leadership is needed desperately. Here are three critical things to consider:

1. Leading in uncertainty. As a business leader, your big challenge is making sense of everything that is happening. There is so much uncertainty about what can happen next and what opportunities are all around you and your business. The challenge for you as a leader is leading during ambiguity and chaos. Decision making and outcomes are going to be uncertain and trying. A strong leader is comfortable with that uncertainty. Find what you believe is the best path forward – and move.

2. Building Trust. In times of ambiguity, trust is a premium commodity that you have built over the years; now is the time to tap into that trust you have established. People are looking for a climate of purpose and belonging. An organization and business that can keep it focused on its purpose and unity of purpose will win. Being an authentic and genuine leader is critical during this moment.

     Good leaders are comfortable in their own skin. There is no need to reinvent yourself because you have been modeling the way for years in your organization. Trust will be vital in moving forward for your business or organization, and your ability to build trust is something you have been developing for years.

3. Rethinking what is next. In the past, it was easy because you just followed Step 1; Step 2; and Step 3. The rinse and repeat cycle no longer works. What experts thought would take five to six years to happen, happened in five months. Help prepare your business for something totally new and what the future may hold. Digital fluency, reshoring, workforce development needs, and virtual opportunities are driving local economies. Help position your business to take advantage of new opportunities. 

“Great moments are born from great opportunities,” was the quote Herb Brooks told the U.S. Hockey team in 1980 before they played the Russians in the 1980 Olympics. This “moment” is made for your organization or business. You have worked to lead, to build trust, to understand the challenges, and to see what the future may hold. Seize the initiative; this is your time.

Stronger, Better, Together