Venture/Business Readiness Assessment, another Great Tool for Entrepreneurs

Venture/Business Readiness Assessment, another Great Tool for Entrepreneurs

The McAllen Chamber of Commerce is pleased to offer the Venture/Business Readiness Assessment tool to entrepreneurs and potential businesses in McAllen. The tool guides the entrepreneur in navigating their way through the process of going from concept to market/business.

The assessment consists of the following tools:

         The Entrepreneurial Readiness Survey assesses the aptitude of the participant for the world of entrepreneurship, a path that requires special skills and personal characteristics.

Key questions:

        What are your entrepreneurial strength and weaknesses?

        Do you demonstrate the entrepreneurial characteristics investors require?

·         The Risk Readiness Assessment analyzes the amount of risk removed from the business venture through the choices made in the business model, management structure, and market strategy.

Key questions:

        Which areas of your business model demonstrate the most risk?

        Does your business model meet investors’ tolerance for risk?

·         The Venture Readiness Survey assists in identifying where in the commercialization process, which steps to follow going forward and how to position the venture for funding or business.

Key questions:

        Where is your business in the venture creation process?

        What are the key questions, deliverables, and resources associated with each step of the commercialization process?

·         The Business Plan Readiness Survey assists you in determining how well your business plan meets investor expectations.

Key questions:

        Does your business plan address critical risk-related issues?

        Where are the strength and weakness in your business plan?

·         The Venture Valuation Tool and Capitalization Table Tool use multiple approaches to assist you in determining the value of your venture.

Key questions:

        Do you know how to value your venture opportunity?

        What is the value of your venture opportunity?

This service is free for entrepreneurs considering opening or growing a business in McAllen. To schedule an assessment please contact Eduardo Millet at (956) 682-2871 or

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