“Comfort, Quality, and Value . . . Every Time!”
Dusty & Gail Cyphers, Co-owners

Snow! After 100 years, snow fell in the Valley in 2004 and heaters were having problems all. When we wondered, “Who’re we going to call?” the answer was simply, “Why, Cytech Heating & Cooling, L.C., of course.”

“It was probably the coolest thing our team has done,” began Dusty Cyphers, co-owner of Cytech Heating & Cooling, L.C. “It was Christmas Eve, and everybody was cold. We ended up running calls until about one o’clock Christmas morning. Everyone pulled their weight. I did not lose one person. Everybody who called in with a problem was taken care of.”

Both Dusty and Gail grew up in the Houston area, even attending the same high school for six months without really noticing each other. During her senior year a mutual friend introduced them, love blossomed, and they were married the following year. A year later the first of three boys arrived on the scene.

They followed Dusty’s family to the Valley where his father had a construction business and subsequently added an air-conditioning company. It was here Dusty learned the trade and discovered, after his dad sold his company and moved north, that he “kinda” liked the air-conditioning business.

“He obtained his license and we started on a wing and a prayer, deciding we could figure this out,” laughed Gail Cyphers, co-owner of Cytech Heating & Cooling, L.C. “I’m not as brave as I was back then when I thought, ‘We have $500, and you have your license. We can do this!’”

Starting as a two-person business in 1991, in this family business Dusty handles sales and the technical end of it while Gail runs the numbers side. Their three boys are now part of the future of the company, currently running with 34 employees.

“I think it’s our integrity that has helped us grow like we have,” Dusty said. “We’re not perfect, but if we have a problem, we solve it. We do not walk away from anything. We do everything so we can sleep well at night. We run until we get it done! I simply tell my team, ‘Don’t do anything to a customer you wouldn’t do to your mom!’”

Handling the full scale of heating and cooling they will answer calls 24/7 for residential, commercial, new builds, generators, mall works, mobile homes, RVs and refrigeration (walk-in coolers, process coolers, and produce sheds).

These days the units are driven by technology, which can short out the same as computers.

“It’s the coming on and going off quickly that blows fuses and messes up motors, compressors, and the like, those power surges,” he said. “The best thing people can do these days is to put $120 surge protectors on their circuit boards and their house will be safe. A major hit will burn them out, but little flickers do not bother them. Thankfully, we don’t get those big ones often.”

Another useful tip is to understand a bit about your unit should a new one be needed. With variable speed units now on the market, Cyphers encourages customers not to over-buy or over-size a unit for its purpose.

“For some reason, companies will suggest perhaps a three and a half to four-ton unit for a three-ton home. Everyone thinks they’re doing better, but actually it’s worse because it can cause your humidity level to go up causing discomfort since it’s running a shorter time to reach the set temperature.”

Well connected to the manufacturers, Cytech does not quickly jump on new style units coming onto the marketplace.

“We’ll put out a few and watch how they do,” Dusty said. “We’ll work with the factory-trained technicians, giving them insight into what works or doesn’t. When we feel all the issues have been addressed, we’ll put it out into the market.”

As a well-respected company, completing yearly continuing education credits, they would like to warn potential air-conditioner buyers of a concern.

“Our biggest struggle in this area is all the unlicensed contractors without,” said Gail. “We tell people to be careful as they don’t realize how they’re putting themselves at risk. If installers are not professionally trained, they can damage the unit, cause the home to be uncomfortable or worse. Then you have to pay again for a professionally-trained technician to fix it.”

Always ask for credentials or look them up at the Texas Department of Licensing.

“We’ve fixed many jobs where customers had paid a great deal and the unit didn’t work,” Dusty explained.

Joining the McAllen Chamber in their early years proved a boon to them.

“We were learning when we started,” Gail stated. “We took business classes, learned about advertising, and participated in the programs and events the Chamber offers. It was a good way to get out there and meet people.”

Generally, Cytech covers the upper Valley to Weslaco, but will cover other areas if requested. Thanks to its reputation, word of mouth is its best form of advertisement.

On their off time, Dusty and Gail have a ranch and raise cattle. Their three boys are cowboys and still compete, when time allows. For Gail, however, being a grandma is her favorite.

“That’s the most fun for sure,” she states with a wide grin. With three grandchildren on the way, her life is about to get a whole lot busier.

Putting 30 years of love and care into the community, Cytech states it simply on its website, “Supplying your family with dependable comfort since 1991.”