What you need to know about the County and School District seats on your November 8 Ballot

Texans will be choosing more than a governor and members of Congress in the midterm elections. Here’s a look at what the officials elected to several local offices oversee.

Administrative county government

Commissioners court

“Anything we do has to be found in the statute,” she said. “In the city [government], it’s the opposite. As long as it’s not against the law and they have the support, then they can do it.”

County judge

County treasurer

Tax assessor-collector


County law enforcement and courts

District clerk

County attorney



How to vet your local candidates

Get a sample ballot

Check your local news and voter guides

In-depth local guides are not available in areas without a local league, but LeBombard said the league is always looking to expand and its local chapters can be made up of as few as three dedicated members.

Look online and ask around