Why Business Cards Still Matter

Many of my staff members think I am “old school” when it comes to certain things. For one, I still keep a paper calendar to track my meetings. My paper calendar has never crashed, been deleted, and is easy to find (it sits on my desk). The Chamber staff can look at it any time to see my schedule. I have kept a paper calendar for the last 31 years and that will not change.

What many of you/us have already discovered is that technology can be an “X” factor in many things, but in building personal relationships and connecting with people, what is old is new again.

Another one of my “antiquated” systems is the use of business cards. Lots of people probably think, “There is an app for that.” Here is an interesting side note: the average person has 21 apps on their smartphone but only uses five regularly. We are overwhelmed with choices and end up using nothing.

So here are three reasons why I think business cards are still important today:

  • Your chance of being remembered is greater. Making direct eye contact with people, shaking hands, and smiling are personal connections. Don’t underestimate the power of physical proximity; it can be a game changer. If you can afford to do something unique with your business cards that will make you “stand out” and show a little of your personality, invest the money. A unique business card can make a stronger connection with people when you first meet.
  • People still expect them. In our business culture, exchanging business cards is still very much the norm. Not having a business card projects an image of being unprofessional and lacking the most basic level of fundamental business skills. Adrian Arriaga (AAA Real Estate) carries three sets of business cards with him – shirt pocket, coat pocket, and wallet. He hands his cards front side up so it’s easy for the person receiving the card to read it without having to flip it over or turn it around.
  • Business cards are still the easiest and quickest way to exchange information. I hardly give out my information digitally and I purposely keep a low profile on social media. My basic information is found on my business card and will more than likely be the best way to get my information. Business cards are still one of the best ways to reach and connect with people.

Technology is cool, and it can do some amazing things, but there are still some necessary things that work better and create a better connection. Meeting people in person and connecting with them is powerful, and successful people have not forgotten that element of doing business.

Business cards are part of the connecting element that is important for success.

I’d also like to note that the Chamber’s Power Network meetings takes place the second Tuesday of every month. I invite you to come join us and meet new business contacts. And remember to bring plenty of your business cards.

See you in McAllen!