12 Questions with board member Art Ortega, Ortega Ventures & Investments


Art Ortega

1) What is your favorite book? I would have to say my favorite book is the Bible. It provides guidance for any and all situations whether good, bad or indifferent. In good times you can find inspiration, in bad times you can find hope, and in times of tranquility you get a sense of responsibility of what you could do to make this world better.

2) What is your favorite movie? There are several, but I would say the animated movie, Madagascar. My three kids and I laughed so hard and I guess that’s why I liked it so much. It brings the family together and it gives you a moment of bonding. The movie has a moral, but more than anything it is the companionship and the bonding with the kids you’ll always remember.

3) What is your favorite vacation spot? We went to Honolulu and then to Maui. Maui is pristine, very much in its natural form. The views and the scenery are heaven on earth. It’s expensive, but I came back thinking it was worth it!

4) What is your life’s motto? If you can visualize it, you can realize it! If you dream of being an attorney you can get there, but you must be focused and committed. I’ve seen it in my life and others’ lives who dared to dream and became successful.

5) Where were you born? Mercedes, Texas

6) What was a life-changing event in your life? There have been several. I would say the most impactful was graduating from The University of Texas, Pan American. That gave me the necessary tools to achieve my dreams. Without an education it would have been so much harder, but it opened my eyes to all the possibilities. From that point it was then just a question of taking advantage of opportunities. I was a finance major.

7) What makes you laugh? A lot of things. I love laughter. I think people who are able to see the humor sometimes in life’s hardships, and who come out of that a better person, are an inspiration. People that can use those experiences and find humor in them help my own life. For example, comedians who make fun of their rough or poor upbringing by looking back are humorous to me because I can relate to them.

8) What is the question you most want answered? What is the purpose of life? Is it to succeed financially? Is it to succeed spiritually? Is it to succeed socially? I know success comes in many different forms. What is it we are supposed to do while we are here?

9) What is the happiest thing for you to think about? The happiest thing for me to think about by far is spending time with my children. Those are the happiest moments in my life. Now that they’re older and have their own lives, I look forward to those moments when we get to spend quality time together, appreciate each other, laugh and hug. There’s nothing that could replace that.

10) What is the first thing you do each morning? Nowadays, as I’ve gotten a little bit older, I reach for a cup of coffee. That gets me going in the morning. I love my coffee.

11) What are any apps or any other technology you use to get things done? My computer, obviously. As far as apps, nowadays the weather app is an important thing for me. The financial apps to keep track of the stock market, as well as banking online are valuable. Another app I use frequently would be my calendar app, which keeps me on time and reminds of what I have going each day, helping me be prompt and on time.

12) What is the last thing you do before going to bed? I’ll call my kids to say goodnight  to see how their day was, and watch the Channel 5 news.