Passion gives small business entrepreneurs the impetus to succeed. Be it food, marketing or quilting, if the passion is there, it is more likely the business will succeed.

Ron and Barb Bergquist easily fit into this realm. Retired from careers in IT, they moved to the Valley on December 31, 2010, thinking they were going to enjoy the good life. They did, for a while. Then, on a trip to a picturesque town in Virginia a few years ago, Barb made an off-handed remark to Ron that would change their lives.
“Wouldn’t this be a nice little place for a quilt shop?” Barb’s long-time passion for quilting was well-known by her husband.

After intense research, they test marketed their concept for the shop online.

“We used Facebook and increased our Search Engine Optimization by signing up for everything on Yahoo, Bing, and more so people would know we’re out there. As IT people, that’s what we did all our careers,” Ron stated.

Today, in their store at the corner of 10th and Harvey, they have the only full service quilt shop within 200 miles. Offering scissor sharpening, sewing machines and a repair service, a huge selection of materials, and classes, they are having a blast finding more things to offer their quilting hungry customers.

Adding various programs to their mix such as Block of the Month and Row by Row Experience, this quilt shop will soon be home to a local Quilters’ Guild.

Ron’s newfound passion for machine repair has improved his health and a true sense of purpose alongside Barb. Working long hours, it’s the people who inspire them.

“We’ve had so many unbelievable people come in here,” Ron said.

“I really enjoy the people. I can be tired and somebody wonderful walks in,” Barb said. “We get to talking, and the tired goes away. I’m energized again.”

Looking around the shop, it’s obvious this is a serious love affair with the quilting world.

“Quilting is an art form,” Barb added. “If you get a handmade quilt from someone, it is something to be cherished forever.”