Banking was Dusty Davenport’s first choice before he made the decision to join his dad, Rip’s insurance agency.

“I had been in banking, but wanted a faster growing career,” Dusty recalled. “I discovered insurance was an industry where you could work hard and forge ahead.”

Not only did he plunge into the depths of it, he formed his own niche.

“Our agency started off as a life insurance agency, but as time went on people kept asking my dad for help in employee related activities. We have gone from 80 percent life insurance to 80 percent employee benefits,” he said.

Purchasing the agency in 2016, Dusty has become an expert in employee benefit areas such as medical, dental, vision, and life insurance as well as 401ks.

“You have to stay on it every day,” Dusty explained. “I’m always receiving updates on a new regulation, or a new law that was passed. I’ll then send an email on to my clients to inform them since they don’t have access to all that information. We have tons of tools to help keep us up-to-the-minute informed.”

As an Employee Benefit Advisor, Dusty can take his relationship with his clients to an entirely new level.

“I enjoy supporting business owners and their employees with their HR questions and solutions,” he said.

“We provide HR resources and benefit consulting to our clients, insuring they understand the compliance issues with Employer Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, ATA, HIPPA and all areas of compliance.

We like helping businesses thrive. I feel confident when I sell clients on our services. They are getting more than just an insurance agent. They are getting a team of HR specialists, which can do cost saving strategies on their medical plans and be there to give support to their HR departments. That’s why I’m here – to enlighten, engage and educate.”