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CPR – Cellphone Repair

Most Repairs Done While You Wait

Don’t let the name fool you. Along with phones, CPR Cell Phone Repair also fixes most other technology – laptops, iPods, iPads, Mp3 players, tablets, GPS devices, game systems – and it also buys and sells phones.

Ruben Peña and his son, Ruben Peña IV, wanted a business they could run together. Working with Cesar Cepeda, they opened a CPR franchise in Centennial Plaza on Highway 83.

“It’s the biggest franchise for cell phone repair in the states, with over 200 stores nationwide,” Ruben III said.  “We were voted number one in cell phone repair by Entrepreneur magazine for this year.”

Obtaining training in Florida added to son Ruben’s expertise with his Computer Science degree.

“I love this work. I’ve always liked helping people out, and this business actually helps people with their devices,” son Ruben said. “Having a phone right now isn’t just a luxury like it used to be. Right now it’s a need. I’m not just talking about younger people who are always using their phones. I’m talking about the doctor who needs his cell phone, the attorney who needs to contact his clients, the contractor communicating with his workers.”

Unique to this business is the backup and support it receives from the CPR franchise family.

“If we have a question or have a phone we can’t fix, we can call one of the other stores and somebody there has fixed it already. There are so many stores, and we all help one another, be it technical information or marketing,” Ruben senior explained.

With a firm two-year foundation behind them, the Peñas are adding corporate accounts, which can be a discount perk for employees.

Making most repairs in an hour and offering its six month warranty are other factors making CPR stand out in the cell phone repair business.

“It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it,” Ruben, senior, said. After granting me a quick tour of the facility, they headed back to the tables. Repairs were waiting.