Greg Abbott widens lead over Beto O’rourke with likely Voters in latest UT Poll

The 11-point margin is one of the wider advantages Abbott has registered among likely voters in a public survey yet. Abbott had a smaller 5-point advantage in the last UT poll, which was done in August, though that was among registered voters.

Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke speaks to a packed auditorium during a stop on his College Tour campaign at Texas State University on Oct. 5, 2022, in San Marcos.

It was similar bad news for Democrats in five other statewide races that were polled. The Republican incumbents all had double-digit leads, including Attorney General Ken Paxton who lead Democrat Rochelle Garza by 14. Previous polls have suggested he may be in the tightest statewide race.

The poll was conducted online from Oct. 7-17. The pollsters sampled 1,200 registered voters and then defined likely voters as those that said they have voted in every election in the past two to three years or those that rated their likelihood of voting in November on a 10-point scale as a 9 or 10. That produced a likely-voter sample of 883 people. The margin of error for registered voters was +/-2.83 points, while it was 3.3 points for likely voters.