John’s television background started him accidentally into the advertising agency he opened in 1998.

“One of my first clients liked my ideas so much they said, ‘Why don’t you do all of our advertising?’ My business wasn’t an advertising agency yet, but I quickly replied, ‘Absolutely! That would be easy.’ It turned out it wasn’t,” John said.

He was a hard worker and wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity. By 2004, the internet was already popular and John felt a need for quality web design in the Rio Grande Valley. He and former partner Abel Riojas joined forces to create Imagine It Studios, and began developing websites.

While the market was crashing in 2008, Imagine It Studios was taking off as digital media was coming into its own. Evolving, they became a full service digital marketing agency including such services as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web-design and development, content and email marketing and management, and social media marketing.

“One of the challenges we had was the same as every business in the Valley has – finding and keeping good talent. With Carmen’s marketing background and interest with social media, I felt she would be a perfect fit as the Social Media Director,” John said. “And she has been great!”

One of the decisions that sets Imagine It Studios apart is its choice of exclusivity in its Search Engine Optimization service.

“For example, if we are working with an auto dealer, we’re only going to work with one auto dealer in working with its SEO, knowing we’ll give our best and not have to turn around and do it for their competitors as well,” John explained.

Offering clients a menu of individual items, Imagine It allows clients to choose how much or how little services they need.

“We’re a la carte,” John said. “Ideally, someone would take all the menu items, but in reality, he may only need a little of this or that. We’ve developed a system to work with each client in helping choose what’s best for each case, giving each one the best bang for the buck.”

Having eleven employees with such titles as Social Media Strategist, Graphic Designer, Content Writer, Lead Developer and Full Stack Developer, Imagine It Studios takes digital marketing to new heights.

“Coming to work, and not knowing what to expect is what I find fascinating,” Carmen said. “Whether I’m on the phone, going to a client’s for a photo shoot, doing social media, reading and editing content, it’s all part of what keeps this whole business so appealing. We enjoy working with our clients, discovering their stories we need to tell.”

Involvement with the community is an important aspect for Imagine It. Being a long time Chamber member, and with John serving both as a Rotarian and on the board of the Palm Valley Animal Center, working with non-profits is their way of giving back.

In a relaxed environment, sparkling twinkly lights glimmering, the creative environment encapsulates Imagine It Studios for clients and employees alike.