Fred Martinez, owner of Fred Martinez, LLC, has a passion for his work that wakes him up in the morning and puts a smile on his face and a bounce in his step.

“When I’m able to look at a client’s books and determine within 10 minutes how they are doing or how the company has managed their books in QuickBooks, that’s my passion,” said Martinez, whose areas of expertise includes QuickBooks, payroll, and taxes.

He has found his calling with his bookkeeping and tax preparation business, and also as an Ambassador.

“At first, being an Ambassador was a way to meeting potential clients,” Fred explained.

“As time passed, the Ambassadors have become my friends. The relationships we build are tremendous. I have learned that to be successful with the Chamber, you have to be active in the Chamber.”

When he’s not working, Fred loves to travel with his wife. Heading to their 35th wedding anniversary, they are deciding where in the world they would like to celebrate, and both are enjoying the process. Maybe it will come to them as Fred barbeques up a delicious meal – one of his favorite things to do.