Gabriela Garcia

Business Specialist

Wells Fargo Bank


Banking must have been in her blood because when it came time to choose a career path Gabriela Garcia, Business Specialist for Wells Fargo Bank, chose banking and never looked back.

That was 15 years ago, and this proud mom of a 17-year-old is glad she did.

“I help business customers with their financial needs,” Garcia said. “It could be to establish an account or help them register or help them grow their business. I can also help them in all areas of their business logistics such as payroll, vendors, or getting credit.”

Getting involved with the community, another part of her job, led her to become an Ambassador. Incorporating the Ambassador’s network within her client base is a win-win for everyone.

“We have a network we know we can call for help or refer our clients to receive other guidance,” Garcia said. “I enjoy being part of that group and find it gratifying when I am able to help because banking changes every single day.”