Johnny Rodriguez
Public Relations
Bert Ogden Auto Group

Johnny Rodriguez, a happy, enthusiastic fisherman, golfer, gardener, and Public Relations Director for the Bert Ogden Auto Group, had two significant family role models, whom he said, shaped his life.

“My dad was a World War II hero. He had his face blown off and survived to the age of 91,” Rodriguez said. “He could have lived off the government but instead worked for 50 years before retiring. He was a humble and great man. My mother was a cafeteria worker. They both showed me the way, making me a better person.”

After 22 years supplying Bert Ogden with employees and where he developed a close business and personal relationship with Janet and Bob Vackar, he sold his business. His life then got even better.

“Mr. Vackar asked me to come to Bert Ogden and do PR for them. I feel extremely fortunate they trust me. I honestly believe I’ve got the world’s greatest job,” he said.

Becoming an Ambassador fit Rodriguez’s style.

“The McAllen Chamber is one of the best marketing tools a person can use to market their business and meet other businesspeople,” he said. One of the keys of success is to get involved. I think it’s all about networking and meeting people.”