Letty Duran
Personal Banker
Greater State Bank

Letty Duran feels the two words which best describe her ideal life are love and service. Family is one of her top priorities, and helping rear her niece, she knows what giving and service entail. Proof of her dedication to her family shows as she gave the ultimate – a part of herself. Elated to be a perfect match, she donated a kidney to her sister in April.

A people person, Letty has been in the banking business most of 25 years.

“I started with First City and now work as a Personal Banker with Greater State Bank,” she said. “I like working with people. Within three days of working at Walmart, my first job, I was put in Customer Service, and I’ve been in the service end of business ever since. Today I consider Greater State Bank my ‘other’ family.”

The Treasurer for the local Catholic Daughters of the Americas, Letty looks forward to her future, hoping to travel and do missionary work.

“That’s my life. I love service,” she said. “That’s what we’re here for – love and service. That’s what we’re all about.”

Having dealt with her own personal challenges, today Letty is the picture of joy and enthusiasm – the perfect description of a Chamber Ambassador.