Brad Wagner

Expedient Mortgage Area Manager


What happens when the life you planned changes right before your eyes? 

“I fell into banking by accident after I graduated,” said Brad Wagner, area manager for Expedient Mortgage. “With my degree in International Business and a minor in Spanish, I expected to work for a conglomerate abroad, preferably somewhere due south.”

Landing a great job in Dallas after college led to a work life filled with horrible traffic, commuting and traveling. So Brad answered a random ad for a loan officer trainee, and that one discussion altered his goals completely.

“I had the best trainer ever and I just loved it!” he said.

Joining the telecommuting world took him to San Antonio where he joined Expedient Mortgage 13 years ago.

“Our home office is in San Antonio with Thrive Mortgage as our parent company,” he said. “Expedient has six branches and Thrive has over 50.”

A full-service mortgage company, Expedient Mortgage specializes in construction lending, and offers very competitive construction financing.

“That financing plus our one time close instead of two and our customer service set us apart from the competition,” he added.

After opening a branch in Eagle Pass, the company was trying to decide where to go next on the border. Driving into Mission took them totally by surprise and they instantly knew they were coming to the Valley.

“We’re still the new kids on the block even after being here over two years,” said Wagner. “We’re considering opening branches in Harlingen and Brownsville next.”

He loves what he does, though he admits that having people’s livlihoods in his hands can be very stressful.

“I love what I do,” he continued. “The true joy is helping people build their lives. We have clients who never thought they could ever own a home. We coach them to repair their credit and show them how to be prepared financially for home ownership. Our best clients are the ones who follow our advice and come back months later, ready to move forward. That’s the best part of what we do, helping people. It’s a win-win for me. I’ll keep doing it until I die.”