Gilbert Gallegos

Senior Vice President, Broaddus & Associates


Broaddus & Associates senior vice president Gilbert Gallegos, an architect, started his career in the private sector. It wasn’t long before he realized he wanted to do more, and entered the public world. He began working for UT Austin, which led to his career with the UT System.

“They wanted an individual to manage projects with the 1993 South Texas Border Initiative for providing higher education access,” Gallegos explained. “I began managing all the design and construction for UT System south of Austin. When I first came down to McAllen with Broaddus 17 years ago, it was like a mission. My passion was to be involved in helping under-served areas so people could experience unique environments to enhance the learning, functional, and perceptive quality for all.”

With five employees in the McAllen office, the 18-year-old company based out of Austin leads its clients through the entire development process including master planning, programming, and project management.

“We advocate for the owners,” Gallegos continued. 

Working with a broad scope of clients including STC and its bond projects, the City of McAllen Convention Center, Texas Southmost College, Edinburg Consolidated ISD, and many governing entities from Brownsville to Roma, Broaddus & Associates brings in the winning touchdown every time.

In addition, Gallegos follows his love of architecture, designing build-to-suit multi-family projects throughout the state. 

“I’ve been humbled and honored to be able to provide my level of expertise and involvement in these processes,” he said. “I think everybody, at the end of the day, has to look at themselves and say, ‘Are you making an impact on your life or other peoples’ lives?’ I can say I’m doing both at the same time. For me, that’s what my motivation is. That’s my spark.That’s what keeps me going, keeps me motivated, in terms of trying to do what’s best for everyone.”

Complex and complicated, Gallegos is following his goal – to passionately be involved in ultimately providing an environment people want and need. That is his legacy.