Mark Magnon
Vice-President Commercial/International Lending, IBC Bank

Cheerful, energetic and enthusiastic about life, Mark Magnon, Vice-President of Commercial/International Lending at IBC Bank, shared one of his favorite things.

“Though I’m proud of my upbringing in Laredo, I love being transplanted in McAllen for over 20 years now,” he said.

After graduating with a Business Administration degree from St. Edwards University in Austin in the early 90s, Magnon was ready to join the banking business with his dad.

“No, no, no, no,” exclaimed Dad. “NAFTA’s going to be big. Get a job in trucking logistics.”

Following his father’s guidance, Magnon entered the trucking world, which led him to Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Argentina and São Paulo, Brazil, before coming to the Valley.

“I had developed a relationship with Mr. David Guerra, so when I was ready for a change, I joined IBC Bank. I’d rather be on the banking side where I can help any industry,” he said.

Finding the banking world everything he hoped for, Magnon discovered his niche. He is pleased to have five years with IBC Bank, and his easy going personality helps to spread the word of the bank, by his interactions with the community.

“In the last five years I’ve been able to grow personally and professionally, meeting numerous good people,” he said. I have been able to learn about different trades. It’s been a lot of fun doing that.”
Besides his career and three kids, he feels his greatest accomplishment is holding the office of Board President of the Boys and Girls Club of McAllen.

“We service over 12,000 kids in our community, including our sports programs,” Magnon said. “I’m here to make sure we’re doing the right things for not only the kids of our community, but for everybody else as well. In a way, my job and volunteer positions help me become a better person and a better professional, which in turn allows me to be a better person to my community and to my family.”