People You Should Know – Rosy Villarreal

Tres Dimensiones Ropa Usada, Inc.

Rosy Villarreal

Rosy Villarreal

A confident Rosy Villarreal walked around the corner, dressed to the hilt, striding easily in four inch high heels, the hard concrete warehouse no match for this strong woman. Raised in a foster home in Mante, Tamaulipas, Mexico, she was the oldest of seven siblings.

Becoming emotional when asked if she had been a fashionista all her life, Rosy described the one dress she had had and the harsh conditions in which she was raised. However, it quickly becomes apparent that the little girl didn’t let life’s roadblocks stop her. The woman sitting behind the desk was completely in charge of her empire of clothes, clothes and, yes, clothes.

“When I was 17, I started working for another used clothing company, gained experience for 14 years and decided to open my own business with a partner,” Rosy said of her 27 year-old business. Named Tres Dimensiones in honor of the religious Trinity, Rosy has built her company with the world in mind.

“We do our part to help save the planet, the environment. We recycle everything we can – the clothes we can’t use, the wire the bales of clothes come in, the plastic and paper, even our trash.”

In their 70,000 square foot warehouse piled high with stacks and stacks of clothes and housewares, they still send 126,000 pounds of clothes to be recycled weekly.

Remembering her childhood, Rosy and her daughter Rubi, son Christian, cousin and right-hand man Victor who also works in the business have made it a tradition to team with others each Christmas to bring new toys and clothes to all the children of the home of her youth, Casa Hogar Mama Paulita.

A petite leader with a heart of gold, Rosy Villarreal, is an inspiration to all who meet her. She truly did take the lemons in her life and made them into lemonade, sharing her good fortune with the world.