People You Should Know

Debi Chavez

Debi Lou Modeling & Debi Lou Productions


Debi Chavez, owner of Debi Lou Modeling and Debi Lou Productions, sat behind her desk gazing at walls covered in pictures of beautiful faces. Smiling back at her were the women, all of whom were students of one of her companies. Especially prominent was a face now known around the Valley, Texas, and the entire U.S. – Ylianna Guerra, first runner-up in the most recent Miss USA pageant.

Guerra began her career at Debi Lou Modeling. Moving to Debi Lou Productions when she decided to go into the pageant world, Debi’s companies have had contestants place in the Top 15 and Top 5 respectively of Miss Texas USA and Miss Texas Teen USA pageants. Her first history-making winner in 2011 was Danielle Doty from Harlingen, who won both Miss Texas Teen USA and Miss Teen USA.

“I’m very proud because it’s hard to obtain that status,” she said. When you compete at Miss Texas USA, you are competing against the best of the best. To make it to the Top 15 is a big deal!” And now, should Miss USA become Miss Universe, Guerra would become Miss USA.

Debi Lou Modeling takes students, male and female, from as young as 4-years old and teaches them modeling and etiquette.

“We teach runway and mannequin modeling,” she said. We train in dining etiquette, how to carry themselves, photo posing and social skills such as introductions.”

With Debi Lou Productions, she produces and directs pageants as she has for 20 years.

“I work with the contestants on their personal interviews, on-stage questions, poise, walking and confidence,” she added.

After 24 years as administrator at Vogue College of Cosmetology, Debi took her love of the beauty business into the pageant arena, eventually becoming an official recruiter for the Rio Grande Valley area for the Miss Texas USA and Miss Texas Teen USA pageants.

“It’s my passion. I’m a hard worker and I’m good at what I do.” She stated her objective simply: “I get my girls ready.”