Three Keys for Personal Success

How do you build success for your business or career? What are those key elements that can make your business or your career stand out? Many times, people expect a complicated formula or some deep process that a person must go through to be successful. The formula for success is pretty simple; it is the execution and delivery of these key elements that can be so challenging. Here are three key elements of success today:

1. Trust – This is a trait that seems in short supply in today’s world of lies and fake news. Trust is a characteristic that can pay huge dividends or cause a person’s downfall within weeks. Every business and venture needs trust. I am fortunate to work with a group of people who work hard, regardless of whether I am standing right next to them or if I am out of sight. I trust them to do their job at the highest level and to provide outstanding customer service.

I trust the people I work with to be honest and to do the right thing when it comes to money and their time at work. Most people would never think about stealing money from a business or organization, but they don’t give a second thought about coming in late or leaving early. Trust is built when people do the job in the most efficient and productive way possible and are aware of who is paying for their time. They know they are trusted with how they use their time.

2. Loyalty – Another archaic word that seems so out of fashion in today’s world is loyalty. Loyalty is more important today than ever before. I am not talking about blind loyalty that goes to the extreme in bad ethical situations. I am referring to loyalty to an organization or person, despite the faults and weakness of that person or organization. A loyal employee still strives for the success of the business or boss, in spite of any weaknesses.

The same goes for building loyal customers. As a business, you want to build your business around loyal customers. Loyal customers will drive a business’s profits and success. The successful business understands the dynamics and understands the value of the two sides of loyal customers:

1. Customers go where they receive good value.

2. Customers return when you treat them well.

Loyal customers are not driven by price, and it is important to know the difference between price and value.  

3. Commitment – There is no success without sustained commitment. There are no overnight successes. Commitment comes in many different forms. It means when you give your word, you honor the commitment. Commitment means going beyond the expected. 

Commitment means hanging in there when things are tough and look like they are falling apart. A committed person stays the course and does not give up. Hang around with a few committed people and you realize how they can change the outcome of a business or project. With a few committed people, you can win.


Trust, loyalty, and commitment are traits that are hard to measure but are so critical for the success of a person or organization. Great things are happening in McAllen; come be a part of it.