Tips on Mentoring and Coaching

Coaching and mentoring a person in the business world can be a challenge. Today’s business world has become lean and requires many people to do two or three jobs, just for the business or organization to survive. So, many times, if I mention coaching or mentoring to a business person, I get the look and expression of, “I don’t have time.”

If you are lucky enough to have a business coach or mentor at your workplace – be thankful. If you are in a position to help with coaching a person in business – give it some thought.

I would also suggest to you that mentoring and coaching is a two-way street. The other person has to be really interested in learning. I have seen circumstances in an organization where the person who really needed the coaching stopped listening.

If you want to begin implementing mentoring and coaching in your organization, here are some tips to begin:

  • Recognize potential. Acknowledging what a person brings to an organization or business is a powerful tool. Having someone say, “I see something in you”, has such a tremendous impact on a person, his/her self-confidence, and grows the concept about what he/she can do with his/her talents. It is a vote of confidence that cannot be underrated. There is a Tibetan greeting which translates to, “I honor the greatness in you.”
  • Ask questions. I suggest this tip with caution because, done the wrong way, questions become a form of interrogation which has negative connotations and sends the message of doubt. When a situation arises and the person you are coaching or mentoring asks for your opinion, think about responding with questions, “Tell me how you are thinking about handling the problem?” Use your questions to help them clarify their position or why they have chosen a certain action. Try not to be directive with your ideas.
  • Share your experiences. Storytelling is important because it conveys similar situations and your own experience. When a person looks up to you, sharing your perspective gives insight to what made you successful. Storytelling also helps you share, in a more subtle way, how you want situations handled. I like to think people hear certain coaching voices in tough situations. I want to be that voice they hear.
  • Silence can be loud. This is a hard one for me. Many times I want to keep talking about what to do, instead of being quiet and letting the person’s own voice be heard in his/her head. We can beat a situation or decision to death. Let the person think. Silence is a powerful tool when used right.

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