What You Can Do to Support Local Businesses

In tough times, our community has a record of pulling together. Today, and in the coming days and weeks, we will be having another one of those moments. Do we rise to the challenge, or do we seek to shelter in and practice non-involvement and isolation? This flu season and COVID-19 are severe and are impacting communities in different ways. This season will also be a great opportunity for us to come together and get through this moment, collectively and not individually. 

The economic impact of this challenge could be severe. Supporting our local businesses is essential. There are ways to be safe and not spread the flu, but also make sure restaurants, bars, hotels, retail stores, and every other kind of business can survive this moment. Here are some simple steps to support our local businesses: 

  1. Order take out or curbside. Support your favorite restaurant by ordering from them and continuing to do business with them. Remember, people who work in these restaurants have bills, car payments, and credit card payments, just like the rest of us. Your support is critical.
  2. Order food to be delivered. What a great time to try delivery service, if you have never ordered food delivered to your home. You can support local restaurants by having food delivered through a mobile app. Safe and easy, this is another way you can support local food establishments. 
  3. Buy local. Small businesses drive McAllen’s success as a community, and doing business with small businesses during this time is critical and essential. Go online and find your favorite local retail store and order something from them. Ask if they will deliver. Supporting and buying local will make a huge difference. 
  4. Tip. I know it sounds simple, but delivery people, servers, and everyone else working in the service industry depend on tips—this an excellent time to tip well.  
  5. Legislative action. The McAllen Chamber of Commerce is proposing several things Congress can do to assist businesses during this moment. Go to the Chamber website under Governmental Affairs and in the Legislative Issue section, you will find a wide range of things Congress can do to assist businesses. 
  6. Don’t panic. The unknown can be frightening, but panic responses only make situations worse and cause more damage in the long run. Hoarding and over-buying creates chaos. Toilet paper does not cure COVID-19 (it is primarily a respiratory illness); buy what you need to get by for 2-3 weeks and leave stuff for the next person.
  7. Chamber Events in the coming months. We have currently stepped back from several of our bigger events because of CDC guidelines. In the next few months, the McAllen Chamber of Commerce will be launching several critical activities where you can show support for our local businesses by just showing up – Taste McAllen, MXLAN, Business EXPO, Top 5 Small Business Awards. Be on the watch for the new dates for these upcoming events. 

Some moments define a community and people who make up that community – this is one of those moments. If we work together and stay together; we can get through this, even stronger and better than when we started.  

“Adversity introduces a person to themselves.”